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About ELEVEN vélo

We make no apologies if what we are doing now is not in the least bit as serious as some think cycling stuff should be…

For almost 20 years, ELEVEN vélo were the World leaders in designing and making cycling kit from premium Merino textiles…

But after all that time it was time for a change; over 35 years on the back of a bike and almost as long working in the bike biz, it was time to just have fun. Cycling’s become too serious, too uptight and the simple joy seems to have been drained out of it, as the golf courses emptied out and bikes were swept off the shelves.

The reins of making premium Merino cycling kit were passed over to Tasman based ‘Breathe Vélo‘; and, as we helped them set up and make sure the kit they were making is every bit as good as what we had been doing (which it is), we went off and re-established ourselves.

Original art (created by Gerard Thomas Illustration) applied to Tshirts, art prints, as well as the occasional photography project; all with a bent for having lighthearted fun with the the world of cycling is what we now do. So if you’re looking for a bit of something to hang on a wall, on yourself, or just want to waste some time while still looking like you’re doing work, you have come to the right place!

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