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Cycling Ride Pouch

Product Description

Break Away!

The Ride Pouch keeps all your essentials where they need to be - secure in your jersey pocket, not hanging in the wind.

We took our original design and teamed up with premium case designers and makers, San Francisco based Waterfield Designs, to design the perfect jersey pocket case. Made from premium American leather and internally lined with a protective neoprene, the Ride Pouch holds all your ride day essentials, and your phone, in one simple, high quality case that fits perfectly in your jersey pocket.

Once you use the Ride Pouch you'll never go back to a saddle bag, as you realise that having everything you need in your jersey pocket, is the ideal way to travel.

Made in San Francisco with American leather.

Features include:

  • Full grain leather
  • YKK locking zip
  • Light protective internal padding
  • Touchscreen friendly phone window
  • Internal pockets for cards and key
  • Room for tubes, multi-tool, levers, cash, key, patches and phone.
  • Fits iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 6+ as well as the Galaxy S4 & S5 (size examples).

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Buying: If you are in North America and want to buy only the Ride Pouch, we suggest you grab it directly from Waterfield Designs for US$2 local shipping. Click here to go to the Waterfield page. If you are anywhere else OR are adding a Ride Pouch to your order, you can do so below.

AU$88.00 = CA$84, €63, NZ$89, £46, US$68

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Here's what Gary from Waterfield Designs has to say about it..."

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Eleven Velo Ride Pouch Front

For those that follow The Rules, you know #29. For those that do not:

“Rule #29 – No European Posterior Man-Satchel. Saddle bags have no place on a road bike, and are only acceptable on mountain bikes in extreme cases.”

Eleven Velo and Waterfield Designs joined forces and come to the rescue with their new Ride Pouch. This beautiful leather case is designed to hold all of your goodies and fit nicely in a jersey pocket, freeing your bike of that eye sore that is the saddle bag.

Eleven Velo Ride Pouch Open

The folks at Eleven Velo are great at making cycling kits from merino wool. Leather isn’t exactly their forte however. So, when it came time to produce the Ride Pouch, they wisely teamed up with premium case designer and maker Waterfield Designs. Together, the two have produced a great solution that eliminates the need for your saddle bag.

The Ride Pouch exterior is made from a premium American leather. Inside it’s lined with neoprene. It has room to hold a spare tube, patch kit, two tire levers, CO2 cartridge, mini pump, multitool, cash, ID/Credit card, your cell phone, and I can even squeeze my keys in there. The Ride Pouch is assembled by Waterfield Designs at their San Francisco workshop.

Eleven Velo Ride Pouch Back

Between the leather, neoprene, and the see-through plastic cover, the Ride Pouch is weather resistant. On a dry day, the leather may pick up some moisture when in your pocket, but it dries fast and it will only help the distressed leather look even better over time.

The phone pocket is a great addition. It separates the phone from your other tools with a layer of neoprene. Smartphone touch screens are totally accessible via a clear plastic front cover. It fits the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy phones, and my personal Nexus 5 fits great. The side buttons for volume are harder to access, but it is doable. Rear camera use does require the removal of the phone.

The beauty of the Ride Pouch is that it slips into your jersey pocket and just seems to disappear. It only makes itself known when you hit a jarring bump, or really throw down an all out effort out of the saddle. Eleven Velo and Waterfield Designs have come up with a winner here. Toss one in your jersey pocket for $70 USD.


The Ride Pouch is made from an exceptionally hard wearing, yet soft leather. We have found that with time the leather will soften up and age as you use it, ultimately making each case unique.

The case measures: 17x10cm | 6.7×3.9″

The phone pocket holds everything from an iPhone up to the massive Samsung S4 4G.


For best results and product longevity, we suggest the following care instructions:

  • Use it, abuse it.
  • If you feel the need, use a little saddle wax or dubbin every now and again.