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Club Merino Cycling Jersey

Product Description

  • ELEVEN velo Merino Club Jersey
  • ELEVEN velo zipper
    ELEVEN velo zip
  • ELEVEN vélo branding
    The only branding you'll find on our jerseys.
  • ELEVEN velo reflective strips
    Optional reflective strips
  • ELEVEN velo reflective strips reflecting
    Reflective strips... reflecting!
  • 6
  • ELEVEN velo 170gsm Merino
  • ELEVEN velo Merino Club Jersey
  • ELEVEN velo zipper
  • ELEVEN vélo branding
  • ELEVEN velo reflective strips
  • ELEVEN velo reflective strips reflecting
  • 6
  • ELEVEN velo 170gsm Merino

Crafted from a pure, soft and luxurious feeling 170gsm (5 oz) 'Woolmark' quality Superfine Merino, the Club Merino Jersey sports a simple cut, with three rear pockets, reinforced to prevent 'load sag', a 15cm (6") zip and elasticised sleeves and waist.

Made in Sydney with 100% Australian Merino.

Standard bespoke options include:

  • Material/panel colours
  • Thread colours

Enhanced bespoke options (in AU$):

  • Long sleeves: +$8
  • Long zip: +4
  • Rear panel to match chest: +$5
  • Reflective stripes on rear pockets: +$8
  • Bespoke fitting available
  • Printing on team orders ➭ more information.

➭ Merino Tech and care
➭ Club Jersey reviews & rider testimonials

AU$114+ (w/gst) or:
CA$101, €74, NZ$109, £53, US$80

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Sizing & Fit

Not sure about sizing? Read our guide first...




Chest86cm / 34"91cm / 36"96cm / 38"101cm / 40"107cm / 42"111cm / 44"
A: 44cm / 17.3"46.5cm / 18.3"49cm / 19.3"52.5cm / 20.2"55cm / 22.5"57cm / 24.4"
B: 47cm / 18.5"48cm / 18.9"49cm / 19.3"50cm / 19.6"51cm / 20"52cm / 20.5"
C: 7cm / 2.7"7cm / 2.7"7cm / 2.7"7cm / 2.7"7cm / 2.7"7cm / 2.7"
D: Short35.5cm / 13.9"37.5cm / 14"39.5cm / 14.7"41.5cm / 15.5"42.5cm / 16.7"43.5cm / 17.1"
D: Long76cm / 30"78cm / 30.7"80CM / 31.5"82cm / 32.5"83cm / 32.6"85cm / 33.5"

Measurements explained

CHEST: Measured around your torso at nipple height. Use this to measurement to select size.

You can use the following measurements to compare our sizing with an existing top you may have by laying it flat on the floor and comparing these measurements (Note: Measurements may vary +/-5mm | 1/4"):

A = FINISHED CHEST: The finished chest, measured from arm pit to arm pit.
B = LENGTH: The finished length, measured at the side from arm pit to base of hem.
C = DROP: The amount the centre back hem is lower than the front.
D = SLEEVE LENGTH: Measured from collar edge to the cuff.
E = HEM: The finished hem of the top laid flat. Measured across the base.












Step 1
Play with colour:
use the builder to preview colours
Step 2
Input your order:
use the menus to input your final selection

Remains to order in the current bespoke cycle.
Estimated shipping date: 3rd April.

Customer Testimonials

“Hi Gerard,

I love the jersey you made for me. The fit is great. That’s why I wanted to get a new one. Rode in a century ride a couple of weeks ago and that jersey helped me get through it. Cool in the morning and a little warm in the afternoon. Felt comfortable in it all day.

Looking forward to the new jersey.

Best Regards,

John” – US

Currency exchange

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Please note that the ELEVEN vélo shopping cart transacts all sales in Australian Dollars. The exchange from Australian Dollars to your currency will take place through your credit card (or PayPal account) and will reflect the prices we display for your currency, not allowing for any charges your card provider or bank may impose.

Fabric Tech

The Superfine Merino fabric we use is 100% Australian grown, spun and woven. It is not sent offshore to be processed but is made in Victoria, Australia. This means that our Merino retains a low carbon footprint by reducing the transportation required from the farm to our supplier, to us; all of which add to the already high sustainable credentials of wool fibre.

Our Merino is also certified ‘non-Mulesing’, meaning it is sourced from ‘best farming practices’ growers that ensure the highest standards of animal welfare.

The 170gsm (5 oz) Superfine Merino is light and tough, yet soft against the skin with a non itch feel. As the 170gsm regulates temperature so well, we use it as a base layer in winter and an only layer in summer, and have tested it from 0 degrees C all the way through to 38 deg C and can vouch for its outstanding abilities.

Other key features of Merino are:

  • Fully breathable.
  • Natural thermally regulating – keeps you warm in winter AND cool in summer.
  • Naturally anti bacterial and odour free.
  • Flame resistance.
  • Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.
  • Ethically grown, locally.
  • Guaranteed 17 Micron, Superfine.
  • Not blended with other, lesser quality wool.
  • Machine washable.
  • Excellent colour fastness.


For best results and product longevity, we suggest the following care instructions:

  • Cold to warm wash. Cold wash for best results.
  • Hang or warm machine dry. Hang dry is preferable.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Warm iron.

Merino Care