About the Blog

Unbelievably, the ELEVEN vélo blog has been ticking away in one form or another for over 10 years, with it’s origins dating back to 2004 or so. While the articles have been curated and culled as they age, the best of those that have not, remain online.

Today the blog is mainly penned by ‘g’, a.k.a. the guy behind ELEVEN vélo, and ‘Rich the Roadie’, formerly known as ‘The Bike Tart’- from the blog of the same name. Occasional articles from others in the ELEVEN vélo circle also crop up from time to time.

Both Rich and ‘g’ have a solid backgrounds of not only riding all types of bikes, all over the place, but also of working in and for the industry at various levels and points in time; well enough of both to have a healthy skepticism. These backgrounds and the fact that the ELEVEN vélo blog is a ‘casual’ undertaking, mean the articles and views expressed are free of the general constraints of ‘not wanting to offend advertisers’ and generally revolve around whatever takes the fancy at the time, regardless if it may offend someone, somewhere; because it is guaranteed that by publishing online, especially about anything bike related, someone, somewhere will be offended.


The reviews of kit/gear you’ll find here are based on the reviewer actually having paid for the item in question, hence the reviews are, in short, honest. Occasionally an item reviewed was either sent in, or offered at a discounted price for the sole purpose of a review, in these instances this fact will be fully disclosed and the review is no less honest.

The blog is open to review anything but clothing (for the obvious conflict of interest reasons). Items are accepted at the discretion of the reviewer and there generally has to be a level of interest in the product itself in order for a review to happen.


Input, ideas for, or offers of articles are always welcome. Feel free to contact us via our contact form.