Ashima PCB

This is what the spiel from Ashima says:

“PCB: PanCake Brake
Pad movement controlled by Diaphragm Seal
Seal design ensures unsurpassed pad retraction of 0.7mm!
Ultra-thin caliper just 25mm!

Simplified manufacturing processes ensures cost advantage
Seal design gives equivalent area to using 20mm piston
Fluid feed directly to centre of Diaphragm seal for better response
Ultra thin caliper section ensures min. weight”

As I alluded to in my post on the Taiwan Cycle Show, Ashima have dropped a pretty remarkable brake onto the market. Based on a pistonless technology, it is supposed to be fade free, always in balance (ie. perfect pad retraction), and highly progressive. Maintenance is a snap, ie. a total fool can do it without messing it up and they are light!

Marketing gumf is one thing but what are they like for real?

Well, give me a week and I’ll tell you. Two sample sets turned up this week and on the bike one set went – one can’t go and spec brakes for a bike range without trying them now, can one?

So far, based on my first bed in ride, they are every bit as progressive as the Hope M4 and Mini they replaced, actually more so if truth be known. On the weekend it’s off for singletrack loving, so they will get a solid work-out then. So far though, I am feeling impressed.

Watch this space.