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You don't have to like them but everyone has them. These are ours... you may not like them but we have them!

Fancy Opinions

After years of writing stuff about cycling, it was time to try something new - longform.

cycling with diabetes

Cycling with diabetes – an exercise in calories

Turns out hopping on a bike and going for a blast is no longer as simple as it used to be – do it wrong and you can pass out mid pedal stroke!

Pivot Point

It was not until very recently that the importance if this bike dawned. It was more than just a bike racked, it was in fact a pivot point in mountain biking history.

SIT Sprint Interval Training

Can SIT or sprint interval training sessions be as effective, if not far more so, than sessions much longer in duration? I did a bit of a test to find out.

Regular Opinions

It started back in 2001 or so and just kept going. Here you'll find the (very) edited collection of posts we made, including great stuff from @gearingrich, who was on the ELEVEN vélo wagon for the last two years before we stopped in 2015.

Listening too intently?

Be it weight, technology, gear count or (*yawn*) disc brakes on road bikes, I can’t help thinking too many of us are listening too intently.


Dear Cyclist Waiting At The Junction… Yes, you – and no doubt you at numerous points along any given ride, be it on a commute or a bunch paceline – do yourself, and all other road users, a favour… Before I go on, let me just remind and reiterate fact that I am a cyclist…

Road Raging

Lately there has been a lot of hoopla about the supposed war going on between ‘cyclists’ and drivers…

Breakup letter

After a good long time it’s just not working out any more and not to make you upset, it’s not me; it’s you.

To Retail or not to retail…

Where I live, there has been and continues to be much hoo-har, beating of chests and gnashing of teeth from bricks and mortar retailers bemoaning the flat retail sector and the loss of sales to online operations. Every second day there’s some retail group or another having  good go about online retailers stealing their business,…

Bike Snobs

This is something that’s been sitting with me for some time now. Riding in Sydney of late has made me ponder it further, as the rate of bike snobbery seems to be on the rise, and when I say bike snobbery, I don’t strictly mean a snobbery associated with the physical bike but more of…

Old Skool Warbirds

Long time readers might remember a long buried section on twosix for oldskool bikes called Warbirds. This was essentially an area for glorifying old bikes that were still on the trail. The intent, although never realised, was to actually seek out and glorify those old warbirds that were still alive and kicking. Well, riding around…

The cost of weight loss

Stop reading right here if you are a 130 pound stick shaped whippet, as the ONLY way you’ll get lighter on the bike is to spend lots of money! If though you are like the 90% or riders out there, fitting riding in between jobs, family and everything else, I have a question for you…

The List – Part 2, Road

I was late to the road scene, but I think it’s fair to say I made up for lost time… time to N+1 road bikes!

I’m going back to heavy

Right, back on the mountain bike after too long. Seriously, city living and family guff can all but kill the best intentioned mountain biker. That and the fact that riding on the road is just so damned easy to do in comparison. As shameful as it sounds, I rolled my own ‘pièce de résistance’ (so…

The List – Part 1, MTB’s

There it was, right in front of me. ‘The List’. Something has to be said…


I just got the latest digital copy of a mtb mag in my inbox today, so, as one does, I rushed over to have a read. Nice deal this digital delivery thing and I save a tree… or a leaf. I find it interesting after all these years, that there’s still stuff to write about…

It’s All Too Subjective…

I just read an internet forum post from a fanboy of a particular bike brand.

650b, placebo effect or something more?

Unless you have been living in a large hole of late, there is a new wind blowing through the mountain bike world…

Have We Got Our Priorities Wrong?…

“What if” my bike gets stolen – from the car, the hotel, or along the ride? “What if”…

Cross it up

The idea was simple – I wanted something I could do with no equipment to start, took no more than half an hour and did the whole body…

Not Bog Standard – Rich Reposts…

Two week’s ago, G lamented on the merits of going ‘Bog Standard’ – or, perhaps more to the point, why taking the complete groupset approach on an MTB often yields a more reliable, maintenance-free machine.  Whilst the same can be – and often is – true on the road scene, there are a few exceptions.…

Wrapping tape – MTB

So one day I had the bright idea to replace the grips with tape….

The Bog Standard

Put up your hand if you remember what it was like to ride a mountain bike in the early to mid 90’s. Remember all those must have, lust worthy boutique parts? While the road scene was still stuck with what they were being served up by Campy, Shimano and the tail end of Suntour, the…

Leave It Alone!

Fiddling.  It’s what you do best.  You know you shouldn’t but you just can’t help it, can you? “I could just try…” “What if I just…” “I reckon if…” Well, Rich, it’s time to stop. For ages now there’s been a constant stream of saddle changes, stem swaps, wheel choice ‘dilemmas’ (they’re not dilemmas at…

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