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You don't have to like them but everyone has them. These are ours... you may not like them but we have them!

Fancy Opinions

After years of writing stuff about cycling, it was time to try something new - longform.

cycling with diabetes

Cycling with diabetes – an exercise in calories

Turns out hopping on a bike and going for a blast is no longer as simple as it used to be – do it wrong and you can pass out mid pedal stroke!

Pivot Point

It was not until very recently that the importance if this bike dawned. It was more than just a bike racked, it was in fact a pivot point in mountain biking history.

SIT Sprint Interval Training

Can SIT or sprint interval training sessions be as effective, if not far more so, than sessions much longer in duration? I did a bit of a test to find out.

Regular Opinions

It started back in 2001 or so and just kept going. Here you'll find the (very) edited collection of posts we made, including great stuff from @gearingrich, who was on the ELEVEN vélo wagon for the last two years before we stopped in 2015.

12 hours by yourself

Gee this endurance racing thing is getting popular isn’t it? I wonder why. Part of it may well be that entrants are able to get out there and ride, or race even, without having to be super fit. This might sound a bit silly if one considers that an endurance racer, if they’re doing a…

The money trap

Walk into a bike shop and tell the guy behind the counter that you are “looking to buy your first mountain bike but don’t want to spend too much money” and watch his face light up. He knows you’ll be back.

Not all gear is good for you.

As mountain bikers we buy gear. Hell, I would say that the majority of us love gear. Gear Freaks? Possibly. Whatever the case, we all get a buzz when we get a new bit of kit, especially when it pans out to be really good. But what happens if your fave bit-o-kit causes problems?

Are you a real mountain bike rider?

What makes a real mountain biker? If we listen to the marketing droids, real mountain bike riders are predominantly baggy pants wearing male teenagers or young adults – eXtreeeem d00ds, drinking lots of caffeinated beverages after launching huge drops. On the other hand, mountain zzbikers at the Commonwealth Games wore tight fitting lycra and seemed…

Tuning suspension

Caveat – I’m no suspension engineer! Ok, so you’ve splashed out on that brand new fork, or complete bicycle even, and have run out of things to play with. So your mind turns to the fork. The problem is, playing around with the fork can turn something that works well into something that barely works…

How to fix a flat

Required tools: Tyre levers A spare tube or a patch kit A pump. Allen Key/Spanner (for bolt through axles) First up, you need to stop safely. If you have a sudden flat, you’ll end up with reduced control as the tyre rolls across the rim. On the back this tends to cause a little oversteer,…

The Military Aesthetic

The largest industry in the world is the military; it seems that we humans are very good at spending large amounts of money and energy finding new ways to kill one another. What’s more, some of mankind’s greatest achievements come directly off the back of military development and some might argue that if it were…

Worth IS in the detail

We just got back a sample of some jeans today. Lordy they are fine and we are not saying that just because we designed them, or are offering them for sale in the near future either. They are really, really nice; should be, they take close to four hours to make!

Hot Rods and Italian Design

In the first few opening minutes of Metallica’s documentary ‘Some kind of Monster’ James Hetfield roars down a Bay Area freeway in his bucket hot rod. He and his passenger sit awkwardly in the open wheeler, dangerous stick shift vibrating, chrome ‘German’ style helmets shining in the sun and noise roaring from the straight pipes…

Karl Nicolai

We had this great interview with Karl Nicolai conducted by our mate Nick when he was back in the UK. If you’ve been reading, you’ll know that Nicolai are still in out top 10 fave cool ‘things’, so it made sense to put this interview up for all to read.

About the Blog

Unbelievably, the ELEVEN vélo blog has been ticking away in one form or another for over 10 years, with it’s origins dating back to 2004 or so. While the articles have been curated and culled as they age, the best of those that have not, remain online. Today the blog is mainly penned by ‘g’,…

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