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Fancy Opinions

After years of writing stuff about cycling, it was time to try something new - longform.

cycling with diabetes

Cycling with diabetes – an exercise in calories

Turns out hopping on a bike and going for a blast is no longer as simple as it used to be – do it wrong and you can pass out mid pedal stroke!

Pivot Point

It was not until very recently that the importance if this bike dawned. It was more than just a bike racked, it was in fact a pivot point in mountain biking history.

SIT Sprint Interval Training

Can SIT or sprint interval training sessions be as effective, if not far more so, than sessions much longer in duration? I did a bit of a test to find out.

Regular Opinions

It started back in 2001 or so and just kept going. Here you'll find the (very) edited collection of posts we made, including great stuff from @gearingrich, who was on the ELEVEN vélo wagon for the last two years before we stopped in 2015.

Why do you ride?

At my day job we spend our time with our heads deep in the bowels of computers, servers and telecommunications networks. It can be bloody busy, and gets very stressful, busting a gut trying to fix bizarre problems, eventually succeeding, then rolling into work the next day to discover a fresh batch of job tickets in the queue and the boss breathing down your neck. Day in day out.

Kreiga Hydro 3 – A Review

A review almost 4 years in the making!

Waggledance Beer

Beer reviews are coming back and to kick them off, we have opened the Digital Vault to find some that have been lost until now.

How to win friends and influence people.

Is it just me, or are there heaps and heaps more North Shore lines cropping up in the forests o’ the nation? Thin wooden bridges, ramps drop-offs – basically built challenges popping up in the strangest places…

Karl Nicolai

We had this great interview buried way in the bowls, in PDF, with Karl Nicolai conducted by our mate Nick when he was back in the UK. Nicolai bikes is still in out top 10 fave cool ‘things’, so it made sense to put this interview up for all to read, event though it’s a wee bit old.

Reviving a Classic: Proflex 855 + 955

I’ve often wondered where do old Moutainbike go? We’ve all owned bikes only to sell them and sometimes wish we hadn’t. The thought had crossed my mind a few times as to how some of these classic old bikes would stack up today.

Central Baking Depot

Central Baking Depot, 37-39 Erskine St Sydney 2000. (02 9290 2229) Yep in the Northern end of Sydney’s CBD, is the Central Baking Depot – a definite breath of fresh air in a city CBD stuffed with totally average cafe’s and the usual Asian slop fare.

Peaberry Espresso

Peaberry Espresso, 166 Riley St, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010: www.peaberryespresso.com.au I lied! Instead of Dov, I’m reviewing another tucked away fave, Peaberry Espresso. I discovered Peaberry quite by accident last year as I wanted a coffee while waiting for the Feit shoe store to open – it’s right next door. Peaberry’s like that, unless you live or work in the area, chances are you won’t find it; I think it’s one of those places known by locals only but once you know it, you’ll keep on going back.

Nest Café

Nest: 190 Victoria St , Potts Point, NSW 2011, Australia OK, this is my first sledgehammer review for the folks here at Lab-Gear. To set the mood, my reviews are short and sweet, from the standpoint of a complete punter. I love my coffee and food, I like good service and value for money is always nice, but I accept that quite often paying more gets you more so don’t mind if it’s a little expensive at times. I’m not going to mince around and fluffy things up for you, I am going to give you an honest, up front…

Nah, like this…

To all those people who have ever had to wait for me at the top of every hill, or at every fork in the trail – I’m sorry. After a few months where most of my rides have been with someone new to mountain biking, I now know the frustration that I put you through. As last Christmas approached, my wife decided that she wanted a bike. “Fine”, I thought, “I’ll have a look around for a cheapie for the occasional weekend bike path pootle.” But it wasn’t to be that simple – “mountain bike” was mentioned, along with phrases…

Were’s your head at?

The fateful time had come. I had to buy a new helmet. It seemed that after five or six years, the trusty Giro Exodus had reached the end of its life. I was also feeling a little funny about the amount of UV the thing had absorbed over the years, foam does get brittle with time ya know. So the search began. Timidly at first, sticking my head into a shop if I went by one to see what they had; try one on here, try one on there, no mad rush. This went on for a while, then one…

Single speeding

Single speed riders tend to get a bad rap. They’re often viewed as the more fundamentalist type mountain bike riders in a world of touchy feely democracy. If you tell people you ride a single speed the first and only question from them is usually “what’s a single speed”? After you carefully explain the principles involved they generally back away slowly looking at you as if you’re crazy. So what makes up a single speed? Well, that depends a bit. A few years ago Keith Bontrager wrote an article about how to make a single speed on the cheap using…


As mountain bikers, most of us love bikes and all the associated gear. We tend to check, nay, drool over the latest offering from the local bike shop, and sometimes even go as far as buying a product ‘just coz it looks cool’. And some of us collect bikes. We tend to try to justify it by telling others (and ourselves) that we need this bike for this situation, and that bike for another. But the question most people ask is how many bikes do you really need? And what sort of bike should I get? And my answer (well…

I like to do it on my own…

With my former riding partner enjoying the rain and cold of the mother country for the last 18 months, most of my rides lately have been of the solitary kind. I’ve quite enjoyed it too, thank you very much. Leaving work the other day, I thought I’d head up the hill and take a solo ride through Glenrock. No need to arrange a meeting time or place, just jump on the bike and go.

Why am I so annoyed?

On our regular Saturday blast we came across three young blokes in a ute with XC bikes but with full face helmets doing the DH car shuttle thing, drive up hill ride down, drive up hill ride down, driv……..

When redesign is pointless

Today we were looking over some prototypes that we have been privy to the development of over the last year or so. In the course of the discussions, it came up that an iconic piece of design in the coffee world has been redesigned. It was while looking at the ‘new’ design that we kept asking the question: “Was that worth the effort?”.

Confession time

I’m addicted. Hopelessly. This habit costs big bucks, and is harder to get off than heroin. I try, how I try, but I keep getting lured back into the scene. Sometimes it’s just a glimpse of a fellow addict that gets the pulse racing and thoughts drifting back to that which I’ve promised to give up. Sometimes one of the old crew will call, cajoling and bullying me until I surrender once more to temptation.

Welcome to the Dark Side my son…

‘Welcome to the dark side’ were the thoughts that went through my head as I opened the box and pulled out the road bike. It seems I had turned my back on my mountain bike and bought a road bike, svelte and fast. Evil, pure evil. At the end of the day though, with me riding all but one ride a week on the road it was an inevitable purchase.

Run what ya brung

Are we in danger of becoming bike snobs? Do we really have to spend $5000+ to have fun? I’ve seen and heard riders pooh poohing other riders for their cheap, uncool brand bikes. I’ve also seen riders on cheap bikes out ride those on cool brands. Just goes to show.

12 hours by yourself

Gee this endurance racing thing is getting popular isn’t it? I wonder why. Part of it may well be that entrants are able to get out there and ride, or race even, without having to be super fit. This might sound a bit silly if one considers that an endurance racer, if they’re doing a 12 hour race such as the Lab-Gear 12 Hour coming up in September, should really be spending that half of one day in the saddle riding as hard as they can. And this is where self rationalising comes into it… I’m doing said Lab-Gear race…