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Fancy Opinions

After years of writing stuff about cycling, it was time to try something new - longform.

cycling with diabetes

Cycling with diabetes – an exercise in calories

Turns out hopping on a bike and going for a blast is no longer as simple as it used to be – do it wrong and you can pass out mid pedal stroke!

Pivot Point

It was not until very recently that the importance if this bike dawned. It was more than just a bike racked, it was in fact a pivot point in mountain biking history.

SIT Sprint Interval Training

Can SIT or sprint interval training sessions be as effective, if not far more so, than sessions much longer in duration? I did a bit of a test to find out.

Regular Opinions

It started back in 2001 or so and just kept going. Here you'll find the (very) edited collection of posts we made, including great stuff from @gearingrich, who was on the ELEVEN vélo wagon for the last two years before we stopped in 2015.

Cabling your bike cleanly

How To Tidy Cabling

A little while back, my good lady wife’s bike was in need of a spring clean so I took the opportunity to finally cover something I’ve been meaning to do for ages – cables. But this is not so much a ‘how to setup and tune your brakes and gears’ and more like ‘how to keep your cabling tidy when you do it’… The cable of choice for me at the moment is the Jagwire ‘Racer’ or ‘Hyper’ range – they’re available in loads of colours, and are one of the very few cables that you can get in purple (to keep…


Didn’t I already write a bit on what I thought of the crotchety old men of the UCI and bicycle design?

SeaSucker Review

Our car was big enough for all of the baby stuff plus her bike, surely?

earHero Review

Headphone use on bikes is always a hotly debated internet forum topic…

Fit for use

Last week it happened, I met the ground with a thud.

The Schlumpf

It’s every rider’s little dirty secret. I’m sure it’s the same theory for all activities, but for cycling deep in the back of every cyclist’s mind they secretly like to think themselves as being ‘hardmen’. Some just think it, others are quite overt about it but either way it lingers there, simmering under the surface. I’ve been lucky to know some real hardmen (to be clear, by ‘hardmen’ I do not mean pros who race – they are a different breed entirely). They put me into perspective at that point when it was easy to think that because I was…

The Hype Cycle

I’m allergic to production bikes. Ok, that’s not strictly true, but I will generally avoid most production machines – usually based an irrational dislike of the brand, a less irrational dislike of the available colourschemes, ill-suited geometry or a combination of the above. Recently, on the hunt for a new project, I had a (rather late) discovery that a number of previously ignored bikes actually have quite well-suited geometry. The more I looked the more my interest piqued, and I began to latch onto somewhat alternative project plans. A happy accident occurred when one such frameset appeared in my size…

Bikes are boring

I bet that title caught your attention!? Let me expand on that. Bicycle ‘design’ is boring and I mean both in terms of visual appeal and in terms of design and designing. It’s funny when you think about it but somehow, in the world of bicycles, we seem to have ended up with a never ending rehash of the same basic concept. Can you imagine if automotive or consumer product design was the same? What would our world look like, if fundamentally we were using all the latest and greatest technology, only to recreate something that has not changed all…

Be seen – Orfos bike light review

Orfos lights started as one of those Kickstarter campaigns that did rather well. What was the final result…?

What Type of Cyclist Are You?

At the London round of the Rollapaluza National Series during the week a conversation got my cogs whirring… Nick Hussey, Damien Breen (of that most excellent In The Saddle blog) and myself were talking – it was like a mini bloggers convention (although not ‘mini’ in that any of us are particularly short I might add). Whilst Nick and I were getting all excited about the new hydraulic SRAM Red brakes, Damien seemed to glaze over. You see, Damien prefers to just get on with the simplicity and essence of the ‘just ride’ approach to cycling whereas Nick and myself…

Bike Fit

Bike fitters can help you, don’t get me wrong – just be mindful that there needs to be much more consideration of the broader picture.

Chubby On The Trail

Road riding is what I do, but coming from an MTB background means I’ve always had one eye on a return to the dirt – except each time I investigate beyond “what else could I get for the price of that second hand bike in the classifieds” I get scared off. Last time I looked you either rode XC, freeride or downhill and chose your suspension travel accordingly. Now that 26” wheels are ‘dead’ (sorry G, but that’s what ‘Tha Kidz’ and the bike companies tell me – G: Don’t worry Rich, I already knew 4 years ago ;) ),…

CX’s growing success is Mountain Biking’s failure.

Originally I was going to sit here and bash out a piece about my bewilderment of the growing CX (cyclocross) craze, especially here in Australia.

Point of Difference

Different to be different, or different for a reason – either way, why? Or, perhaps more to the point, why not? In recent times, Parlee have released two new bikes – one is their ESX ‘aero’ frame, the other is their Altum (which also comes in a slighter heavier ‘R’ variant). The ESX is Parlee’s first entry into the ‘aero’ market, whilst the Altum is set to replace the Z5 as their flagship light weight production model. Both models exhibit a prominent bump on their top tubes. Whilst this might be an ‘aero’ feature on the ESX, on the Altum…

Enclosed Ecosystems

Does the bike world need another half baked ‘standard’?

Rare Surprise

It seems to me that ‘innovation’ is a term that is used loosely in the bike industry to describe a marketing opportunity to drive sales.

Data Overload.

I had a new lust… a gleaming new Polar ‘device’ that is due out, the V650. A long time fan of Polar, as their HR kit is some of the best going, so the idea of bundling that with a good GPS and barometric elevation tracker was too good to be true. Bliss! Then I thought about it. The past few months has seen me back on the bike in anger. ‘Winter’ was a write off, three months of being constantly sick wiped out any form of riding, so when I finally got back to riding, I said to myself…

Road discs – an alternate view

I like disc brakes. I NEVER liked rim brakes. EVER. So when I heard that road bikes were finally stepping into the modern age and slowly adopting discs, I did a little jig; only a little one but one none the less. If there’s one thing that being so heavily into mountain bikes for so long taught me, was that disc brakes, without question, are superior in every way to a rim brake. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not some mountain bike infidel preaching his brand of dirt (get it? that was a pun!) to the road bike…


There’s a number of bikes of a particular format that I’ve always had a level of intrigue over. Many (most, even) of them get good reviews, lots get ridden by the pros at the Spring Classics and a number of them have some really nice features about them, as well as being well suited to those long of leg and short of torso – i.e. Me. In the industry, bikes of this format are referred to as sportive / fondo / endurance geometry. I prefer to refer to them as “bikes that actually fit me without a massive stack of…

40 Minutes

This time I was determined to get out into the dirt. The last time I came down, it rained and frankly, a wet 4 degrees C is below my ‘enjoyment’ level, regardless of how good the trail. This time though there was no excuse, 2 days off summer officially starting, it was warm. Of course that meant getting out of bed by 5, but with 4.20am the regular start time of my road rides these days, 5am seemed like a luxury. I was flying solo too, always too hard to organise people when you don’t exactly know when or where…