Central Baking Depot

Central Baking Depot, 37-39 Erskine St Sydney 2000. (02 9290 2229)

Yep in the Northern end of Sydney’s CBD, is the Central Baking Depot – a definite breath of fresh air in a city CBD stuffed with totally average cafe’s and the usual Asian slop fare.

Cousin of the ‘Bourke St Bakery’ but not suffering from the wanker-o-file clientelle that Bourke Street seems to attract, the Central Baking Depot is one of those places you walk in and then stand there overwhelmed with what to eat, as it is all so good. You’ll notice the big ovens cooking what you see, so you know you are not going to get better than this and unlike so many so called bakeries that smell like chemical dripping and all things wrong, ‘CBD’ smells of all the right things.

A range of savoury and sweet ‘things’ from pies to pasteries and muffins that are just so good are on offer and all have that French feel to them – rich, crispy and extravagant. Coffee wise they know what they are doing and it’s nice and strong, with none of that milky crap when you ask for a ‘flat white’ – they know how to make a good coffee for people that like good coffee.

Ambiance wise, it’s pretty basic, with some tables and seat inside and some crates on the footpath. Considering though it is int he heart of the city and accross the road from the Westpac Bank’s ivory tower, most trade would be in and out, so having more room to stand and wait is prolly top priority. Still, if you’re in the mood, grab some goodness and go and sit on the footpath to watch the city bustle by.

Well worth it if you’re in the city during the week.

Setting: 6/10

Service: 7/10

Coffee: 9.5/10

Food: 9/10

Value: 9/10



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