Don’t deny your roots

For a long time now I have been denying my roots.

Despite having ridden a bike since the age of 13 or so, I have been refusing to admit that is my heritage (as I like to call it). For several years now I have not really paid much attention to it, in a way I have been refusing it, denying that that is where so much of my background lies. The reasons for this are many – been doing it for too long, injury (bad), wanting a change, tied to good (and bad) memories, becoming jaded, bike got pinched, moving back to a bike unfriendly city yadda, yadda. Basically I thought I’d had enough and the last time I really rode was well over a year ago; I was convinced I did not miss it.

I guess it bemused my friends, most of which are tied to bikes. After all, I had been involved with the mountain bike ‘community’ in so many ways for a good chunk of time, some thought it was down right strange that I could just forget it all, just like that. But I did, well, told people that in anyway. I was out. No more. I was going fishing instead (I hate fishing).

But guess what? It seems I couldn’t.

Life is strange. Indeed it is. Of late things have happened that has proven to me you can not deny your ‘heritage’, no matter how hard you try to escape it; it forms so much of ‘who and what’ you are, it just catches you up. First there was a very, very strange occurrence that sees me back in the biz of bikes, but in a way I could never have predicted. I am not going to say too much on that right now though. Then I started to do work on my ‘Unlikely’ series, which is all mountain bike focused and I also realised that if I don’t actually ride my bike, my frame of mind goes well out of whack – I need to ride.

So once again and without any input from this end, I am back in the ‘realm of bike’. You see, I have come to realise that ‘the realm of the bike’ is what you make of it, not what it makes of you (took a while to learn this). There are many facets, avenues and possibilities but it’s up to you to put together the path that interests you. So while I have shed the ‘realm of bike’ of the past, I see a new one opening up that’s very, very different.

Who said I have to find a new challenge? I just did and it’s one I already know.