Fizik Kurve Saddle – First Ride

So as luck would have it I seem to have blagged a ride on one of the latest Fizik ‘Kurve’ saddles – they’re of a curious form and design, the basis of which can be seen in the below video:

There’s also a lot of detail about the construction of the saddles here on the Extra website.

What is it like to actually use though? Testing the ‘Bull’ version – with the basis of its design coming from their Aliante – I was curious, and skeptical… except it was instantly one of the most comfortable saddles I’ve parked my backside on.

Anyone who has followed my ‘Saddle Experiment’ blogs in the past will know there’s not many high-end saddles I haven’t yet tested, and despite suffering quite a lot from a certain kind of numbness I’ve even reverted to saddles without cutouts in an attempt to find something that works. More recently, saddles with a kind of curvy hammock shape to them have offered a level of comfort that has pleasantly surprised me. The Bull version of the Kurve range is designed along these lines – it was this more than the Fizik theory behind their saddle shapes that made me go for it (I can touch my toes quite readily so in theory I should actually use the ‘Snake’ / Arione shape, and I’ve been running an Antares on and off for a while now).

Of course it helps for someone as fussy as me that I also consider the Bull to be the best looking of the Kurve saddles – this, despite the fact that I find the Aliante by far the ugliest of the standard Fizik range! I do still wish the new ‘Mobius’ aluminium rails on it were black though…

Anyway, back to the saddle-toosh interface – what we have here is a perch that feels like it moves with the backside and seems to soak up the last of the road buzz, making a ride on my already very comfortable steel bike feel like a magic carpet ride with extra cushions thrown in for good measure. I’ve been skeptical about the Fizik ‘thigh glides’ in the past, but on this saddle they do actually seem to work and make the saddle feel narrower than it’s looks would indicate. Probably worth noting at this point that I’m running it on it’s ‘soft’ setting, but to be honest I’m not sure I’ll bother changing that.

One point to note is that it’s quite a ‘deep’ saddle from top to rail so those with integrated seatposts might need to keep an eye on their saddle height – I’m yet to try it to check, but on my own ISP I’m pretty sure I’d need to trim it to get this saddle to fit at my normal saddle height.

So far so good then, although as yet I’ve only covered around 40km on it so I can’t yet confirm the longer term affect on my regular numbness. I hope to get a decent length ride in on it later this week and I should have covered a couple of hundred kilometers on it by the time the week is out so I will feed back more then.

Given the comfort it’s offered so far though I can see me handing over the readies necessary to add it to my collection…

Rich [@RichTheRoadie]