The Harsh Reality of ‘Euro’

You hear the term ‘Euro’ all over the place in the road world. It’s always been a bit of a ‘whatever’ thing for me (I do my level-best to purposely shirk the ‘Euro’ white shoe rule), but others seem to guide their cycling purchases based on this ‘Euro’… well, thing.

Whilst on a training camp in Mallorca a little while back I was faced with the stark reality of exactly what ‘Euro’ really is – Euro-worshippers should be scared, you’ve got it all wrong… You see the harsh reality of what ‘Euro’ really means would appear to be a combination of the following:

  • Combination pro team kits – yes, I do mean shorts from one team and a jersey from another
  • Combination random kits – by which I mean, say, a club jersey mixed with some team shorts
  • A total mess of mixed colours
  • Really old kit
  • Long white socks (like, *really* long)
  • An ill-fitting, old, multi-coloured helmet
  • Rarely white shoes
  • A ‘tache and beer belly

Oh dear. And that’s before I’ve even started on the bikes…

So folks, if you want to guide your kit purchases by following the rules of ‘Euro’ I’m afraid it’s time to burn all your natty previously-believed-euro trinkets and get yourself to the nearest bike jumble for a tasty array of old mixed kit.

Still, at least it’ll be cheap…

Rich [@RichTheRoadie]