Interbike 2011

Ah yes, I’ve recovered enough to blurb about the thing that was the 2011 Interbike.

So, what was that all about….?


Vegas. I arrived and it was raining. Go figure. The streets were flooded and it’s still a shit hole. After the first visit, where the gloss and insanity last just long enough for it to be fun, I just can’t see the point of the place.

Interbike. For an exhibitor, the show is just a blur of days where your voice gets horse and feet sore. On the first day we realised it was 4pm and had not even thought about lunch. Day two was pretty much the same and Friday was sorta quiet.

For us (wearing my Mountain Cycle hat), it was a good show. We had the first real production bikes on the floor and the response to bringing back the marquee was pretty much overwhelming. In a tough market, dropping in like we have is always a risk but the response was more than solid. Our very modest goals were met and it’s on to stage two.


But there was lots of stuff. Lots. I did a few quick look arounds but honestly, I saw very little new or of interest. The Look carbon hardtails are works of designed art but apart from that, it was much of a muchness. Of course SRAM announced something new to dazzle everyone… 2×10 Gripshift. Yea, that’s what I thought. The overall feeling is that the plateau has been hit and there’s no such thing as a bad bike or bad product these days – unless it’s some funky pointless shit from one of those mad Chinese companies…


So that’s my wrap up. Pretty short huh?

I’d love to get all excited but really, it was lots of stuff, 99% of which we’ve all seen before. Not saying that’s bad but the endless ‘newness’ can not go on indefinitely or even remotely sustainably; I feel that we are starting to see this fact pan out. To think, we’d just dropped our NEW production bikes on the market, after 2 years of work, and a guy from a mag/website says to me, ‘when you have something new, let me know and we’ll try to publish it’!

I personally feel a new leaf is about to turn. One where blinding buyers with newness will be surpassed by companies that provide superior product and service, because when you take ‘new and shiny’ away, what are you left with…?