Interbike, come and… gone

Yep, it was a week of compacted madness. Personally, it meant that I climbed on board a plane, one of those new BIG ones with two full decks, and flew up to LA on the Tuesday, drove to Vegas, and then on the Friday, drove out and flew back. Not my fave way to spend 30 off hours but hey, Interbike had to be got to.

Anyway, I really was not sure what to expect, I knew Eurobike has been causing a little grief and Cannondale and Giant didn’t turn up at all. In a way it felt all very ‘local’, as opposed to say Taipei or Eurobike that have a definite international vibe to them.

What cool things were there to be seen?

Chrome Bags had a cool stand with bags being punched out as you stood there and watched; Timbuk2 had the same, though Chrome had it all over them.

Intense had a bike painted up in full Formula 1 team colours. It rocked hard, so totally over the top, I found it hard not to love it.

There was a plethora of street/urban stands, injecting a something more gritty into what usually is a pretty dry affair. The attitude oozed from these stands, though at times I got the feeling that the line separating the edgyness from an all out brawl is pretty fine at times. Still, these guys are shaking up the scene and that’s a good thing.

My personal highlight was seeing the gear from POC, the Sweedish based safety gear company that is doing things their own way. In some ways they remind me of Crank Brothers, with a totally fresh and crisp design aesthetic, so different from everyone else. I’ll be getting me some of that love…

Other than that, after several days of walking around, I did not get the feeling there was anything that was out to blow my socks off. Lots of very competent executions, just not all that exciting.

Next, Mountain Cycle’s turn in Taipei. We’ll be working on some hot sock blowing off tech between now and then.

For now, out… yawn…