Terms and Conditions

Please read our simple terms and conditions, to ensure you understand our obligations to you as well as our own operational conditions.

ELEVEN vélo endeavours to make sure each and every ELEVEN vélo product shipped out meets our exact quality control standards. To back this up, our warranty period is 6 months from the date of purchase on all workmanship used to assemble the product, and 3 months on the materials used in making it.

Australian Trade Practices Act

We ensure that we comply with the Australian Trade Practices Act, not only for our Australian clients but also for our International.

As each ELEVEN vélo product is unique and made to order, the following excerpt from the ‘Consumer Guarantees: A guide for consumers’, highlights your rights and our obligations to you as our client/customer:

6. When goods or services don’t meet a guarantee
If a product or service you buy fails to meet a guarantee, you have a right to a remedy such as:
– refund
– repair
– replacement or exchange
– compensation
– cancellation of contract.

The remedy you are entitled to will depend on whether the failure to comply with
the guarantee is major or minor.

Minor failures
Minor failures to comply with a consumer guarantee can normally be fixed or
resolved in a reasonable amount of time [any issue with an ELEVEN vélo product can be resolved quickly]. In this case, the seller can choose to
offer you a refund, replacement or repair or, in the case of services, resupply.
This must be provided free of charge and within a reasonable time depending on
the circumstances.

If the seller refuses to fix the problem or takes too long, you may be able to get it
fixed by someone else and recover the costs from the seller.”

In the case where you receive an ELEVEN vélo product that does not meet our standards, either through defect or incorrect specification, we offer the following:

If you receive an ELEVEN vélo product that has been damaged in transit in some way, or when you put it on some stitching comes undone, or someone, somewhere in the process screwed up, then we will replace or repair the item in question at our discretion depending on the particular scenario.

Please note, as each product is made to your specification and any issue can be resolved quickly and easily, we do not offer refunds.

When returning your product warranty repair/replacement, please note that your ‘job’ will be placed in the regular weekly production schedule, relevant to when we receive it. Minimum turn around for such jobs is ten working days from receipt.

We will not replace or repair your product if you damage your product through misuse. If you are in doubt, contact us and we’ll discuss it with you to make sure. If you have a warranty claim, please contact us within the relevant warranty period and we will happily work with you to resolve the issue as promptly as possible.

Incorrect Size

We attempt to provide, on the website as well as via email, as much sizing information as possible to ensure the products you receive fit perfectly. In the instance where your ELEVEN vélo product does not fit due to incorrect size selection, we offer a re-cut service. Return your item to us unused and after inspection to ensure it has not been used, we will recut your product for a ‘recut fee’; please note that your re-cut order will be part of the regular production cycle. If you require a re-cut, please contact us before returning your item.

Order Cycle

In placing an order with ELEVEN vélo, you acknowledge that you understand how our order and production cycle works (read more here). As each order is made specifically to a customer’s specification, once an order is placed we can amend any or all details but all sales are final.

Lost orders

If your order is returned to us, unopened, we will notify you and resend it ASAP. If your order does not arrive by 35 working days, and we have not received it back, we shall remake your order and resend it.

Pre-made products

All pre-made products are subject to the same warranty conditions as our bespoke products. We do offer to refund Pre-Made items LESS the cost to ship.

Returns Postage

Any warranty repair/replacement will be returned to you at ELEVEN vélo’s cost. Warranty products returned to ELEVEN vélo will have the postage value refunded as store credit.

Pre-made products returned for exchange or refund are done so at the sender’s postage expense.