Review: Knog Blinder 4V

I’m a fussy bugger. Oh, wait, you know that. Anyway, it means I fuss over the silliest of things. Lights are one of these things – they serve such an important function, yet they’re all so ugly, bulbous and obvious.

Or at least they were. Knog answered my prayers already, but now they’ve done an even better job. Introducing the Knog Blinder 4V…

See – tidy and discreet isn’t it? And it’s not a garish red with a big bolt-on clip that ruins the lines of your bike when it’s not mounted. I mentioned I’m fussy, right?…

Here’s a better pic:

As you can see it’s small, but not so small as to not be capable of doing a decent job. It’s got a nice anodised and neatly designed casing (available in seven other colours) with the four ‘Smart LED’ lights neatly mounted flush with the surface. At 44 lumens those LEDs are bright little buggers too!

The light has four flashing modes as well as the option to have all four on constantly – and it’ll last a reported 3hrs in that solid mode (I haven’t tested this as I prefer my rear light to flash, which this apparently does for up to 40hrs [and I’ve not ridden in the dark enough to qualify that yet either I’m afraid!]). It’s got a built-in USB attachment to charge it too which makes for easy charging simply because of how many USB products exist in our lives these days.

That USB plug can be fiddle if you’re using a laptop mind. If I want to charge the light from my trusty MacBook Pro I need to use a USB extension lead. It’s just not as easy to connect as its smaller, square format little brother. This is my only rela bugbear with the light though – everything else I have to say is positive. Also, unlike their front light that USB plug doesn’t seem to rattle which is a huge bonus.

The switch on this is fiddly to get to when mounted, but I like the fact that this means there’s zero chance of false activation. It also needs a fairly decent hold to get it lit up so if it’s in a pocket or bag it’s highly unlikely to be turned on accidentally.

Finally, here’s another look at that neat clip-on clasp. It’s a very clever design that fits around most round seatpost sizes easily, is nice and soft so even my painted Enve post won’t get damaged and clips on and off really easily without leaving any ‘my light goes here’ mounts.

Light, waterproof, bright, reasonably priced ($45 is the US price), long lasting, easy to charge, easy to fit and well designed. What’s not to like?

Rich [@RichTheRoadie]