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All the performance and comfort of our Premium Race Bibs - Merino/Spandex material and an anatomical cut + fit, without the bib brace.

Design details include:

  • Industry leader EIT chamois ➭ learn more.
  • 95% Merino/ 5% Spandex Outer leg panels
  • 280gsm Lycra* inner leg panel construction
  • New: No visible branding

*We use one of two fabrics depending on availability

AU$142+ = CA$143, €95, NZ$152, £82, US$106

I don't think I've ever had a more comfortable pair of shorts -- no sore parts at any point...” Herman K, Germany

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Remains to order this bespoke product.

Made to order in Sydney

Standard bespoke include:

Bespoke options (in AU$):

  • Below Knee Length ($10)
  • Full Leg Length ($20)
  • Bespoke fitting available ➭ learn more

➭ Reviews & rider testimonials
➭ Premium Bibs + Knicks FAQ
➭ Legs of Thunder sizing
➭ Fabric Tech and care
➭ Crash Replacement
➭ Size me down

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ELEVEN velo shipping

Elastic Interface Tour HP

Short Inseam

We offer a ‘short’ inseam for our Premium Bibs, Knicks and Ride Boxers. How do you know if you need it? If you are under 180cm / 6′ and find you order 36″ or over for your Bibs or Knicks, then we suggest you go for the ‘short’ inseam. This will ensure that the fit is spot on and not have the leg too long and sitting just above your knee.

And why is 36″ the mark? Sizing is an incremental system where as the size goes up so do the lengths. A 36″ waist is sized for someone over 180cm / 6′, where in general the legs are longer.

Legs of Thunder

Sprinters, track riders, ex-rowers. You know who you are. If you commonly find it hard to find the right waist to leg size combo, we can custom cut for you based after having you provide us some key measurements. Just contact us to get the ball rolling.

Crash Replacement

Bought some ELEVEN vélo kit that you love but crashed hard and wrote it off beyond any level or wearability? We have you covered.


Our crash replacement program removes the insult from injury and offers you a 30% discount to replace what your crash took away. To qualify for the program, send us pics of your destroyed kit and we’ll assess if we can repair it or it needs to be replaced.


Size Me Down

So you’ve been riding, a lot, and the ELEVEN vélo kit you bought is now flapping in the wind? Well, we want to make sure the kit that got you to where you are now, will keep you going a whole lot further.

If you’ve dropped a full size or three (in a minimum of three months) and find that the ELEVEN vélo kit you bought no longer fits like it once did, we will offer to replace it for you for 50% of the current listed price. All you need to do is contact us and send the kit to be downsized back to ELEVEN vélo. In return you’ll get brand new kit that fits like it should and you can pick up where you left off, riding lots!

Premium Bibs + Knicks Sizing & Fit

Not sure about sizing? Read our guide first…



F Rise front
F Rise back
F Inseam
F Inseam 3/4
F Inseam Full*
F Thigh
F Side seam

Measurements explained

WAIST SIZE: Measured around your hips. Use this to measurement to select size.

You can use the following measurements to compare our sizing with a pair of existing pants you may have, by laying it flat on the floor and comparing these measurements (Note: Measurements may vary +/-5mm | 1/4″):

NOTE: ‘Short’ length option reduces the inseam by 4cm / 1.5″.

A = F RISE FRONT: Measured from the base of the crotch to the top of the waist band.
B= F RISE BACK: Measured from the base of the crotch to the top of the waist band.
C = F INSEAM: Measurement of the inner leg – centre crotch to hem – shorts.
C = F INSEAM 3/4: Measurement of the inner leg – centre crotch to hem – 3/4.
C = F INSEAM Full: Measurement of the inner leg – centre crotch to hem – full leg*.
D = F THIGH: Measured from the inside to the outside seam.
E = F SIDE SEAM: Measured from the top of the waist band, down the side to the end of the cuff hem.




…To round out the kit, I have been riding in the ELEVEN vélo premium cycling bibs. As with the other bit of kit, these are made from superfine merino wool (170gsm), but they also include some Lycra panels for a perfect fit with the right amount of stretch. Specifically, they are made using closed mesh merino wool straps and side panels. The inner panels are made using a tougher 250gsm Italian Lycra for “compressive comfort and durability.” A rear stash pocket is built in to hold less frequently accessed items, and two optional leg stash pockets can be added for access to gels or other small items. As with the jersey, internal elastic is used on the cuffs to keep the legs from riding up.

The chamois pad comes from Elastic Interface, and it is their Tour-HP Carbonium model designed for long distance riding. It’s made from three layers of high density foam, and features their “HEART SHAPE” zone for a better anatomical, comfortable fit.

Simply put, these are the best bibs I have ever ridden in. Thanks to the large size range offered (six options total), I was able to order a pair that fits me just right. They have a tad bit of stretch to them, but it’s nothing like the usual spandex bibs we are all used to. That gives these bibs a quality, tailored just for me, feel that I love. Again, knowing it was about to get colder outside, I went with the optional 3/4 length legs to get me through fall and spring. The legs stop 4” below my knee. They worked out perfectly in the fall weather. With the onset of winter temperatures (nothing to severe here in Portland, OR), I found I could wear these, along with some knee high wool socks, and if needed a pair of wind stopper fleece lined winter pants and stay plenty warm. These are looking to be a great three season bib.


In short, this kit is fantastic. The design and styling is classy, and is a nice change of pace from the logo heavy race kit we are all used to seeing. It’s produced ethically and responsibly, it’s made from high quality materials, shows fantastic craftsmanship, is available in a size range to fit most anybody, performs amazingly well, and is very comfortable. In fact, it’s so comfortable, it’s like riding in my pajamas. And if all that wasn’t enough, you get to pick out the colors. With all that in mind, the cost of these products is very reasonable, and quite competitive. When it comes time to purchase more clothing, ELEVEN vélo’s gear will be at the top of my list, and should be on your’s too.

Customer Testimonials

Shorts [Premium Knicks] ARE GREAT!! The size is excellent (don’t think I have another pair with such a fit and I have a lot.. also from big names brands like AS…, CAS…, RA… etc.), the feel of fabrics as nothing else. Just will give 6 or 7 on 5 level scale!! Really THANKS for such a great product.

Daniel V, ISR

My new 3/4 bibs are really great. Impressed with the way they fit perfectly when I’m on the bike. And so comfy on a winters morning!

David L, AU

“So………do you want a short term high mileage review?

It goes without saying my Club Jersey is great. The fit and quality are awesome and I never doubted it having other Eleven Velo tops. The Premium Bib shorts were an unknown. Never tried them, never seen a pair but I had ordered two sets with stash pockets and blue stitching. The bibs arrived the day before I rode from Mizen Head to Malin Head in Ireland over 500 miles in four days with a real mixed bag of weather.

Day 1 I put the shorts on. Fit was great with lovely compression and a real feel of quality. Before I even got on the bike I had compliments on both the quality and the stash pockets. Day one was a monster nearly 150 miles crossing passes and the rolling Irish coast. Mixed weather with cold wet spells and wind. The bibs were great both in comfort and the magical merino temperature regulator. They thundered on over two more days of 100+ miles with no fuss. Day four I put on my ride shorts that we all wore for the charity….they lasted a couple of ours before the premium bibs were back on.

I have worn Assoss for the last 12 years with a couple of other pretenders on the way that didn’t last long. They are now at the bottom of cycle kit draw with thee Eleven Velo bibs taking the crown.

Great looks, great feel, great comfort and a run by a pretty great chap.

I would have no dout in thoroughly recommending these shorts.”

Jon Golby, UK

The bibs are fantastic!

The material, the hand and feel is soft & fleecy with just the right amount of stretch. The blending of the lycra and the merino wool is nice and the stitching on both pieces is super nice, flat lock and no ‘rough’ edges to chafe or irritate. The chamois pad is super comfortable – much like my bibs that cost 2X as much!! The only ‘negative’ is the straps could have a little more elasticity or give to them but that is probably because I am used to other brands that have straps that are more stretchy. And the understated ‘branding’ – just a few brand tags round out the whole package and make for a nice, classic, high end look instead of a rolling billboard!

I am completely satisfied with the kit.

Keep up the good work!

Drew, CA, USA

Just back from the bibs maiden voyage and they are very very comfy, breathe well in all the right spots, and are a good fit. Quality workmanship and the blue thread is a nice touch. Thanks

Neil M, AU

Further from my last post my merino bibs from Eleven Velo have arrived and I managed to get out for a ride on a sunny day sporting the new bibs. I will admit I was a bit nervous after ordering them online, hoping that I had measured myself correctly.

I had erred on the smaller side having had a pretty ordinary Winter with a bit of illness and therefore some weight gain. I need not have worried as they turned out to be exactly spot on. The bibs have a firm fit but seriously comfortable. It is all well to parade around the lounge singing their praises but until you are on the bike for a decent distance you dont really know how good they will be. Whilst my ageing body does not do these bibs justice they look fantastic.

I dont know what the seatpad in the bibs is but it is without doubt the best I have come across. It also seems to be perfectly situated in the bibs which is an issue I have had with my last bibs. Not a hot day when I did the ride but long enough to get up a sweat and very comfortable. As you can see I am pretty darn impressed with the fit and feel, no riding up at all and the straps don’t slip either. Of course being new to me I can’t vouch for the longevity of the product but the materials feel seriously luxurious and the stitching is perfect.

The Shopping Experience! As I said earlier I was a bit nervous when ordering as they are made to order so you want to get it right. I had no need to worry though. The Eleven Velo website is good fun with a “clothing builder” so you can work out the colours. You do have colour choices with the bibs on the vertical panels. Even more useful with their merino jerseys I would imagine. Pretty cool indeed. At $185.50 they aren’t the cheapest bibs around but far from the most expensive as well. I would suggest they are excellent value for money taking into account they are made from Australian materials and made up here.

The only thing I would like to see is a gallery of previous jerseys, bibs etc as the builder doesn’t really show you exactly how it would come up. I am one of those people who is not creative when it comes to colour so seeing other examples of what has looked good on other orders would be awesome, (hint, hint Gerard). Fortunately Gerard at Eleven Velo is all over social media and they are on instagram, FB and Twitter with most of their orders regularly instagrammed so you can get a better idea.

I should put a disclosure in that I paid full price for my bibs and didn’t know Gerard before ordering my bibs so I am going purely from my own experience here. I’m just stoked that there is another Australian made cycling product that is of high quality at a reasonable price.

Keir W, Mclennan Cycles

I have been using your bib knicks for a few months now. It is so nice to have a set that actually fits – well done.

Wayne H, Australia

…guess I did not really state this…I LOVE these bibs!

Lance G, USA

Just got the Premium Bibs and merino jersey and rode my first 100km with it! What can I say just fx#%ing awesome. Keep on the great job!!!

Stéphane, Paris, FR

The bibs are excellent. Perfect fit and they were nice and comfy on my ride in to work this morning. I can see why people rate bibs over knicks. I am keen to order another set exactly the same.

Tom, AU

“…beyond my wildest imagination… top notch quality with bells and whistles galore. Amazing. Comfortable. Warm. And perfect custom fit. I’m still amazed at how pieces of cloth can come together and fill me with this kind of joy. I’m smiling just thinking about this evening, when I slip into them to go for my evening ride.

Hector C, AU

“…Can I also order some Premium Bibs while I’m at it? (Love the pair I already have – best fitting shorts ever).

Steve N, AU

“I’ve worn them on a few all day 200km rides now, perfectly comfortable the whole way, wouldn’t ride in anything else anymore (a couple of pairs of regular lycra knicks are lying in the back of my cupboard unused for the last few months).

Rob B, AU

Fabric Tech

The Superfine Merino fabric we use is 17-18.5 micron, 100% Australian grown, spun and woven.Learn more about Merino Here.

Other key features of Merino are:

  • Fully breathable.
  • Natural thermally regulating – keeps you warm in winter AND cool in summer.
  • Naturally anti bacterial and odour free.
  • Flame resistance.
  • Fully sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.
  • Ethically grown, locally.
  • Guaranteed 17 Micron, Superfine.
  • Not blended with other, lesser quality wool.
  • Machine washable.
  • Excellent colour fastness.

For a more detailed explanation of Merino wool’s properties click here


On the inner panels of our Premium Bibs we use a premium level, Italian made 250gsm (7.37 oz) LYCRA®.
This innovative bi-elastic fabric is soft, internally brushed and offers excellent benefits in terms of breathability, high resistance to pilling and abrasion as well as an exclusive antibacterial treatment that blocks the proliferation of bacteria.

The LYCRA® Sport certification, guarantees that the LYCRA® can reduce muscles vibration through support, decreasing muscles strain and improving athletic performances.


For best results and product longevity, we suggest the following care instructions:

  • Cold to warm wash. Cold wash for best results.
  • Hang or warm machine dry. Hang dry is preferable.
  • Do not bleach.

Merino Care

The Premium Bibs FAQ

How do the Premium Bibs fit? As we use a heavy weight, premium Lycra as well as a Merino blended fabric, the Premium Bibs have a firm, quality feel to them. They may not seem as stretchy as others at first but the firm feel aids in muscle support, which in turn reduces fatigue.

Can I have a custom fit? We can work with you to find the best size and, if needed, alter the length of the brace section and legs to give you the right fit. Due to the complexity of the anatomical panel cut, we do not offer in-between sizes.

What if I want panels a different colour than what you offer? We can offer other colours on request for an up-charge if you want to order several pairs.

What are ‘Stash Pockets’? Stash Pockets are subtle pockets we incorporate into the bibs that allow you to store and access small items quickly. We offer options Stash Pockets on the legs and all Premium Bibs come with a single rear pocket that is located above the waistline.

Do you use ‘leg grippers’? No. We use no external grips that contact the skin in the hems of our bibs. Rather we use an internal elastic that does not contact your skin, ensuring the best fit and comfort – there is no need to turn your leg cuffs up when wearing our Premium Bibs!