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Patterns are the new black.

Create a single jersey or a complete kit set. Graphic Packs add a level of flair to your kit usually reserved for synthetic jerseys.

Dye sublimated, Graphic Pack designs are applied to a 2 ply laminate fabric. The outer polyester face accepts the print, while the next to skin layer, made from 100% Merino, retains all the features of Merino wool. Only slightly heavier in feel and weight than our 100% Merino core fabric, it's an ideal complimentary fabric.

If you're wondering, this fabric is of a very similar construction and composition to 'Sportswool', a fabric some use to claim they make 'Merino jerseys'.

Available for:

Super Domestique, Pro & Bibs/Shorts

ROUNDEL currently sold out!

Location Jerseys: Applied to Arm Bands + Pockets: $15
Bibs / Shorts + Jersey: Applied to Arm & Leg Bands + Pockets: $20

AU$15+ = CA$15, €10, NZ$16, £9, US$12

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Designed and Printed in Sydney

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