Time off the bike, a real pain in the…..

At some point in time all of us will be forced off the bike for some reason or other. For me, this time turned out to be 2010. A few beers and the second installment of Smokey and the Bandit left me incapacitated for almost the first half of the year. All I could to to console myself, was the knowledge that such an injury could only happen to an elite sportsman under these circumstances.

During the downtime I was thinking being injured and away from my bicycles was a real pain in the behind, little did I know it paled into insignificance compared to actually getting back on the bike.

Come June and I am a new man…….well an old man with a few issues in the back that need managing, but I digress, the thing I was hanging for the most while stuck in a never ending rut of inactivity was a ride on my bike. I didn’t care if it is was just up to the local servo for a rainbow paddlepop, I wanted to ride.

Well, this weekend just gone the time finally came. The so called experts have told me not to venture off road for a while yet,  so off on my newly acquired but not so new road bike I went. Now, I had been told to take it easy and not to venture too far, so after planning my route carefully to give me a 15-20km cruise what to I go and do?………..throw that plan out the window and go off for a 50km hit out. Seemed like the right thing to do at the time and I suspect any sane person would have done the same.

Not really a big deal, my back felt the best it has in a long long time afterward so that was good, but something I learnt from this was that bike seats are not made for comfort and extended time off them is the cause of a real pain in the……. I’ve gone from walking funny with a bad back, to walking funny for reasons and bruises I don’t want to talk about.

So while its great to be back, next time I take an extended break from the saddle, I’ll be purchasing one of those big comfy spring loaded things. Maybe I should just go down to the LBS for a new comfy saddle now, after all its for a good cause.

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