Trend Whoring and Peer Pressure.

I know, I’ve called all of you with 29ers trend whores. I also know I said your even more trendy if its rigid and SS. Throw in some facial hair and you have the ultimate get up for the trendy.

Without seeking to offend anyone, particularly those hiding behind the trendy facial hair, those big wheeled bikes are nothing more than a trend, much like that snowboarding trend in the late 80’s, or full suspension bikes in the early 90’s. A blatant attempt to be cool and one of the crowd. Now, where did those trends go, where are you now Proflex??? Anyway I stand behind my comments knowing full well that it is more than likely that once again I am completely and utterly wrong. Hey, it works for me.

Well, after sustained bouts of peer pressure, I gave in. I went and got me one of those fangled big wheeled bikes. I even went full rigid for exta trend style points. I even took it for a ride…….once (or more).

Meet my new big wheeled, full rigid bike, complete with ultra cool 8-speed cassette.

Yep, thats right, I have gone all roadie on you. And you thought I would go the latest trend with a 29’er. Truth be known, that would mean I would have to actually get dirty and ride offroad. That isn’t going to happen any time soon. Meet the 1998 Trek 2300.

Seriously here for a second, I never wanted a roadie, never had the desire to ride one. Now I have it though, and yes its chock full of 90’s 8-speed goodness, I can’t believe what I have been missing. I got the bike as a means of actually turning the pedals again. On that point its been a roaring success as I still am not supposed to be riding off-road. After a few rides though, this thing is going to do wonders for my bike handeling skills.

Every ride has been met with dive bombing kamikaze cars intent on wreaking destruction, not to mention quality roads that wouldn’t be out off place on off-road single trail. Either my bike handling skills have gotten even worse (not likely) or this road thing could actually be good for not only my fitness, but also my skills.

So I ‘ve into the big wheel trend, and I might even shave my legs to hang with the cafe crowd.