Want vs. Need

Ever thought about the Want vs. Need ratio in your life?

Beautiful day here. Sunny, warm and I was free to have a morning to myself. I sat, read and decided to head up the road to the shops to do a spot of banking and have a poke around. Banking done, now what? I walk around the shops, and walk around, and walk some more. Coffee time. Repeat previous process until I end up where I started; so at least I tried a place I have not before. Worth the effort.

I grabbed a seat overlooking the city and harbour, perfect spot really, with an uninterrupted view over sunny Sydney. Relaxing, I sat there and thought again about the want vs. need factor in everyone’s lives. We are habitually told by the media that we need more ‘stuff’ (to make our lives better) and as I sat there I pondered what I really need vs. what I want. The answers that came back are rather interesting. With (some) money in the bank I can buy things (within reason) but as I sat there and could not think of a single thing I really want… or is that need? Some new DVD’s I’ve been eyeing, that’s a want, not a need. Maybe some new books, but since I have not finished what I am currently reading not much point. All I could think of to ‘want’ were DVDs and obtaining them, or not, in no way will have any sort of affect on my life.

Do I want new stuff? Sure, some. Do I need it? Nope. And as I sat surrounded by throngs of people with bags full of stuff they apparently ‘need’, I realised that in society today we confuse, or is that interchange, want and need until we no longer understand the difference. While I want DVD’s I don’t need them, and as I thought about it, I have everything I pretty much want, so it then comes down to need. What do I need? Well, I was not going to find that in the mall.

So I came home, turned on the stereo and picked up a wad of canvas’, because what I need is more time to do the things that make me feel good.

Need vs Want. have a think about it sometime.

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