Aprés Hardmen know the importance of top shelf lounge kit.

Our range of cycling t shirts, printed on nothing less than the US made, American Apparel 2001 series T, ensure you are fully equipped in both the comfort and style statement stakes.

Show you the T shirts?


Cycling posters of our famous Vélo Wars series, the Mini Hardmen and everything in-between. Our growing range of cycling art posters has a bit of something to suit almost everyone's tastes.

And of course, all our prints are Aprés Hardmen approved, so you earn extra cred by simply hanging one on your wall.

Want to see cycling art?


Have some pride and stop using that tacky ziploc or shopping bag to keep your stuff!

Grab some class, good design and even better craftsmanship with our cycling pocket cases.

Want to see the cases?

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