fear of carbon

For some reason, despite a major need for one of those old carbon Proflex/K2 bikes, I have always had a fear of all things carbon. Well founded fear or completely irrational?Probably the latter and as such I recently had been starting to be swayed towards its pretty looks. Some nice Ritchey parts (seat post and bars) had found their way onto my main ride and have been great. No complaints at all with them and the actual feel of the bars is better than anything I have used before.

That opinion swaying towards the use of carbon may have been forever destroyed today by a new set of bars.  Ive been in the process of building up a 1×9 hardtail, I considered a carbon frame for the job and ended up going steel. Anyway, the finishing touches were done today, gears set up, forks tweaked and all the final adjustments to make the brakes rub free were complete. I roll the bike out the front and push down on the bars to feel the forks and I hear the dreaded creeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk.

Hmmmmmmm, stem was done up correctly, not happy with the sound though (although I did get a similar sound on my main bike yesterday). About three seconds of inspection and there it is in all its glory, a wonderful crack in the brand new bars just where the rise is.

Paranoia has kicked in about the similar sounds on my other bike and I am thinking pretty seriously about a carbon clear out. Probably all in my head, but after almost conquering my fears I am not sure I can overcome this setback. Shame because it looks so nice.

Hopefully the manufacturer in question can sort this out, but the question still remains, can I get my head around carbon or will I forever slip back into the darkages?