Things that Make you Go…..Mmmmmmm.

Every now and then on the trail I see something and think Mmmmmmmmm. The mind starts ticking and inspiration flows. I thought I had to share the latest installment.

Its been a while since I have been near a DH bike, unless of course walking past the neglected DH bike inthe garage consitutes being near one, let alone thrown my leg over one. OK, I’ve not ridden a DH bike in a long long time, probably too long.

Been thinking about a spin lately, but just couldn’t get myself motivated. Well the motivation just turned up in a big way and plans are afoot to make the old girl rideable again. Whats the source of motivation? Some recent work by the DH trail fairies at Awaba, in particular the reconstruction of the Uber Berm.

I got sent some photos of the new work on the Awaba DH trail (Monkey Trail) and it looked pretty sweet so I had to go have a look. Mmmmmmmmm, looks like that DH bike definitely has to come out for a spin just so I can ride this section. Its funny, the XC trail takes me within metres of this section everytime I ride, now I need to ride it.

Maybe this type of feature to be replicated on the standard trails. Planning has started for future trails in Awaba and perhaps we will see more of this starting to pop up around the place. Its definitely something that gets me desperate to ride.

Photos of the build crew thrown in as thanks for their hard work, I know I’ll enjoy it.

Lenny [@fat_lenny]

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