Too Hot to Ride, Do Some Trail Work.

Maybe not the best advice to be honest, but that’s just what 10 foolish members of the Glenrock Trail Alliance did today. As temperatures went up and over the 40 degree mark and some poor souls took part in an adventure race around us (whats the fun in adventure on a day like this?), we got in and hand finished some new trail in the park.

The section of trail we were working  on (Upper Jumping the Gun) is a heavily used section of trail that was flat and straight. Funnily enough, the lack of grades and lack of curves were precisely the issue on this trail and when it rained it got wet, stayed wet and the high level of traffic led to the inevitable bog and trail widening. The widening ultimately led to a bigger bog and so the wonderful cycle continued.

Well, after a lot of planning, walking, more planning, talking with the NPWS and even more planning, the NPWS started the heavy machinery work earlier in the week on the first section of the trail to be rebuilt. Today in the heat we hand finished the first section of the trail.

As the trail was actually the lowest point of land in this area we needed to raise the trail, but stay within the corridor. The corridor was actually an old road likely dating back to Glenrocks mining days. It was apparent when the road wa built that they cut it in (or it cut down over time and grading) which meant that drainage of water to the side was going to be problematic.

The solution, raise the trail and twist up the corridor creating artificial waterholes to the side for the water to drain into and gradually find its way to a number of drainage points away from the trail that we could put in.

Rain isn’t forecast for a while, but it all looks like its going to work.

So here is the finished product, minus some vegetation (and water) for the ponds.

Just after the section entrance and on the first raised section. Armored crossover ahead.

Looking back into the second raised section.

Armored stream crossing into the second section.

Trail entrance.

Lenny [@fat_lenny]

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