Leave It Alone!


Fiddling.  It’s what you do best.  You know you shouldn’t but you just can’t help it, can you?

“I could just try…”

“What if I just…”

“I reckon if…”

Well, Rich, it’s time to stop.

For ages now there’s been a constant stream of saddle changes, stem swaps, wheel choice ‘dilemmas’ (they’re not dilemmas at all, I just turn them into unnecessary dramas), and fretting over the general look, feel and setup of my ‘bike 1’.  And then there’s the “what about if I nudge my saddle down / up / back / forward by 5mm?” and other minuscule changes that realistically won’t really have that much relevant or useful impact whatsoever.

After a recent ‘bike 1’ rebuild a revelation has occurred. For the first time in ages my bike looks and feels just right.  The setup is solid.  There’s some nice kit on there and some sensible kit – and some kit that even straddles both camps.  The shifting and braking is spot-on.  I have finally found a saddle I really like (halle-flippin’-lujah).  The bike looks really good. My position feels really good. Hell, everything is really good.  I can justifiably change, upgrade, move or adjust absolutely nothing.

Now it’s time to leave it alone.  Leave it just as it is.  Do nothing more except ride the shit out of it.

Good.  That’s that then.  It’s settled.  That’s what I’ll do: no more bike changes, upgrades, adjustments or tweaks – just riding.  Ace.

My helmet didn’t feel right today though – maybe it’s time for a new one?…  #facepalm


Rich [@RichTheRoadie]