Nest Café

Nest: 190 Victoria St , Potts Point, NSW 2011, Australia

OK, this is my first sledgehammer review for the folks here at Lab-Gear. To set the mood, my reviews are short and sweet, from the standpoint of a complete punter. I love my coffee and food, I like good service and value for money is always nice, but I accept that quite often paying more gets you more so don’t mind if it’s a little expensive at times. I’m not going to mince around and fluffy things up for you, I am going to give you an honest, up front appraisal so you know what you are going to get; I think there is nothing worse than reviews that tart things up beyond what they should.

Now, Nest.

This place pops up in conversations a lot but as it’s just down from one of my fave places – Dov @ Delectica, I have really never bothered going. The thing in its favour in Spring time is that the seats are outside, so you can enjoy the sun while you eat.

So how is Nest? After taking our seats initial service was sort of OK and then slowed down from there (the girls next to us waited forever to get served), not great considering it’s a small place and they were nowhere near busy. There was some ‘good cop/bad cop’ thing going on with the wait staff, with one totally surly and the other syrupy friendly. The menu was smallish but ok, so we order a date scone (hey! I felt like a scone, ok?!), a latté, a large flat white and scrambled eggs with bacon. The scone was on special so I thought it had to be good.

Eventually the coffee turns up as does my scone. Coffee looks ok but is way too hot and lacking taste; the large I am sure had a single shot as opposed to the double it’s supposed to have. The scone, pretty much dropped on a plate, was more like a smallish doughy bread with chuncks of date in it. No jam, no cream, nothing. Just doughy ‘scone’. This is a disappointment as simple things like this make you remember places, and a good scone is something I for one will go back for. 20 or so minutes later, the eggs turn up (my coffee is pretty much cold). They are OK. The eggs are scambled nicely, the bacon is well done if not a bit too oily. The bread was good but not enough of it. All up, the eggs were better than the scone.

The bill came to $24. Not huge and the scone ‘special’ was only $1.50. That would have been something I would have happily paid more for if it was really good and well presented. But my scone experience was akin to going to a roadside baker and getting a cheap scone in a paper bag.

Based on Sunday’s outing to Nest, I’ll say:

Setting: 6/10

Service: 3/10

Coffee: 3/10

Food: 5/10

Value: 6/10

All up, I will not be going back to Nest. There was more on the menu but after this experience, I’ll walk to extra 100m to Dov @ Delectica, where I know it’s always good.

Next review: Dov @ Delectica (like that was a had guess).

Until then.

Mig Pilot