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Order Cycle Explained

Every item of ELEVEN vélo kit is unique, made to order following a set ‘production cycle’ which starts once the weekly order period closes at 8 PM (Eastern Australian Standard Time) each Friday.

Once your order is in our system, it then follows the 4 Step production cycle of cutting and sewing (the production cycle does not include transit times to you):

Step 1: Pipeline: Friday at 8 PM each week the order cycle closes and the following week’s begins. Once closed, current orders are sorted and prepared for the cutting cycle, starting Monday.

Step 2: Cutting: 5-7 working days > When your order is finished cutting, we send an email with a link to see an image of your kit. *

Step 3: Sewing: 7-10 working days > Once your order is in the sewing shop, we send another email update. **

Step 4: Shipping: We ship orders every Friday and you receive the
‘Order Competed’ email. ***


* Depending on workload or the types and sizes of kit we are cutting, we may fast track some orders if they fit into a cutting run or we can batch cut.

** Usually sewing is completed within the 7 working day window. On very heavy order cycles or weeks with public holidays, we can creep closer to 10.

*** Pre-made items ship within a few days of the order landing.

When your order comes to us…

ELEVEN vélo kit is more than something pulled out of a box, packaged and sent to you; each has a part of you in it, a part that is uniquely yours, which is why our bespoke system is one totally unique to us.

order cycle

1: When we process your order we print it out and make up your order sheet. This details your order for cutting and sewing.

2: Your order sheet is then placed in a ‘job bag’ along with any needed components; to keep waste to a minimum, we ship orders in the same job bag they start life in.

3: We then batch your order with all others from the order cycle for cutting.

4: With your order cut, everything needed goes into the job bag and heads off to sewing.

What can hold things up?

Making bespoke products is a highly involved process, far more so than making 20, 50 or even 300 of one thing. Each order is completely unique, with the correct patterns and fabrics pulled and cut for each separate item; even in the sewing room, the machinists must rethread each machines for each different item!

Occasionally we run into things that may hold up the process, such as running out of a particular fabric or other material mid cycle, delays on the sewing room floor or a larger than usual batch of orders. While we try our very best to keep our cycle disruptions to a minimum, for your sake and ours, unfortunately sometimes it can not be avoided.

What else should I know?

The above information explains our process fairly well. Things though can and do change from time to time…

You should not plan on receiving your order by a particular date i.e. just before an event.

While we try our very best to keep on time, and manage to do so on most occasions, hold ups in the process as outlined above or lags in the postal system can disrupt things. Because of this, we can not guarantee that you will receive your order by a particular date.


We have a simple AU$10 flat shipping fee and orders over AU$300 are shipped free.

Shipping within Australia

At our discretion, we will ship your order either via Australia Post’s Standard Parcel Post, which takes between 3-5 working days, or Express Post which (generally) is overnight, with items sent to WA taking up to 2 working days. For an additional cost, Australian customers can order a ‘Shipping Upgrade‘ to Platinum Express Post service, which is Australia Post’s premium level delivery method.


We ship International Orders using Australia Post’s International Pack and Track Service or Registered Post, depending on the destination. These services usually take between 3 to 10 working days, however, due to some country restrictions and customs delays, some parcels may take up to 3 or 4 weeks depending on your country. We also offer a ‘Shipping Upgrade‘ where we will ship your order via International EMS Courier, which arrives guaranteed within 5 days worldwide.

When your order parcel has been dispatched, you will receive an email notifying you and ‘Pack and Track’ orders have a tracking number available on request.

Pack and Track countries: Not every country accepts the Pack and Track system. We send packages to the following countries via Pack and Track:

Americas: USA, Canada

EU/Europe: Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Rep. Ireland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

Asia: Sth Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China

Oceania: NZ

Countries not listed above we send to via Air Registered (R).

Currency exchange

The currency exchange rates displayed on the ELEVEN vélo website are updated hourly via openexchangerates.org, an independent online currency display system.

Please note that the ELEVEN vélo shopping cart transacts all sales in Australian Dollars. The exchange from Australian Dollars to your currency will take place through your credit card and will reflect the prices we display for your currency, not allowing for any charges your card provider or bank may impose.