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Team Merino Jersey

Product Description

The Team Merino Jersey is crafted from a pure, soft and luxurious feeling 170gsm (5 oz) 'Woolmark' quality Superfine Merino, the Team Merino Jersey sports a clean, classic cut incorporating a chest and optional back panel, detail stitching, reinforced 'anti sag' rear pockets + elasticised sleeves and waist.

Made in Sydney with 100% Australian Merino.

Standard bespoke options include:

  • Material/panel colours
  • 15cm / 6" Italian made zip in custom ELEVEN vélo colours.

Enhanced bespoke options (in AU$):

  • Long sleeves: +$8
  • Long zip: +4
  • Rear panel to match chest: +$5
  • Reflective stripes on rear pockets: +$8
  • Bespoke fitting available
  • Printing on team orders - more information.
AU$132+ (inc.gst for AU) or: €84 | NZ$135 | £66 | US$106
[Currencies updated hourly via openexchangerates]

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Sizing & Fit

Not sure about sizing? Read our guide first...




The Superfine Merino fabric we use is 100% Australian grown, spun and woven. It is not sent offshore to be processed but is made in Victoria, Australia. This means that our Merino retains a low carbon footprint by reducing the transportation required from the farm to our supplier, to us; all of which add to the already high sustainable credentials of wool fibre.

Our Merino is also certified ‘non-Mulesing’, meaning it is sourced from ‘best farming practices’ growers that ensure the highest standards of animal welfare.

The 170gsm (5 oz) Superfine Merino is light and tough, yet soft against the skin with a non itch feel. As the 170gsm regulates temperature so well, we use it as a base layer in winter and an only layer in summer, and have tested it from 0 degrees C all the way through to 38 deg C and can vouch for its outstanding abilities.

Other key features of Merino are:

  • Fully breathable.
  • Natural thermally regulating - keeps you warm in winter AND cool in summer.
  • Naturally anti bacterial and odour free.
  • Flame resistance.
  • Sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.
  • Ethically grown, locally.
  • Guaranteed 17 Micron, Superfine.
  • Not blended with other, lesser quality wool.
  • Machine washable.
  • Excellent colour fastness.

For a more detailed explanation of Merino wool's properties click here



For best results and product longevity, we suggest the following care instructions:

  • Cold to warm wash. Cold wash for best results.
  • Hang or warm machine dry. Hang dry is preferable.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Warm iron.

Merino Care



TalkingTreads.com (based in California, US)

"Even on warm ride, when sweating, the Merino worked its magic and kept me from feeling sweaty and gross. The Merino held up well on continuous laundering, which is washing on delicate cold setting and line drying. Color has stayed true to the original over the three month review. For owning a one-of-a-kind, designed by you, handmade for you jersey... you really can’t beat it. As well, shipping costs from Australia to the US is not that bad paired with a quick turn around time, you are set."


"...I received a package in the mail which contained an enlightening surprise: this merino stuff is soft. Soft, pliable, flexible and smooth. It felt good. The real telling, however, would come with the riding. I took it out for a quick 60 kilometer (37 mile) ride, where I managed to experience wool’s wicking advantage. Wool, by its very nature, pulls moisture off your body even before it turns into a droplet. Finally, an Australian brand with an Australian-made product that can compete with overseas offerings. If you’re a serious cyclist, even if you’re more of a casual rider, you owe it to yourself to try some of the Eleven Vélo range. I can now affirm that Eleven Vélo merino wool feels vastly superior to synthetic fabric and, according to the website, it is flame resistant, fully breathable, fully sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. It’s also ethically and locally grown. It’s not blended with lesser quality wool and it’s machine washable..."


"...The ELEVEN vélo team jersey provided for review is made from a quality 170gsm (5 oz) Woolmark superfine merino wool. It features an Italian made 6” zip, three reinforced rear anti-sag pockets, and customizable color options.

The wool used here (and in all of their products) is grown, spun, and woven in Victoria, Australia, which allows the supplier to keep a low carbon footprint. It is also non-Mulesing certified. And for anyone who has ridden in quality merino wool can attest to, it is odor resistant, naturally anti bacterial, breathable, and great at regulating temperature. Oh, and it’s flame resistant, but don’t go riding through any forest fires to test it, ok.

These features, combined with very high quality craftsmanship should yield a great jersey. And you know what, it does. This is hands down my favorite jersey in the closet. The fit is spot on. With seven different sizes to choose from, you should easily be able to order a jersey that fits perfectly. If you have an odd sized body, they will make a bespoke jersey just for you as well (for an additional fee).

I received the jersey at the tail end of the warm weather here in Portland, OR. I found that it works great with no base layer on warm days. As fall rolled in, I found it works great over a lightweight base layer on cooler days, or under a rain shell. And now with winter here, I have been wearing it over a thermal base layer with a jacket over it. The jersey not only looks great, but it performs great too.

Comfort has never been an issue with this piece of kit. The fit is snug but not tight, and when loaded, the pockets don’t affect the fit in any significant way. The jersey also makes use of elastic at the waist and on the end of each sleeve to keep it in place.

Options for the team jersey include short or long sleeves, 6” or full zip, seven different sizes, customizable body color, arm color, and chest and back panel colors, thread color, reflective stripes on rear pockets, and bespoke fitting if needed. I configured this jersey with short sleeves, 6” zip, in black with light blue accents and white and black thread. Cost as ordered is $120 USD [ed: at time of ordering]. A very reasonable and competitive price given the good design and quality of the product.


In short, this kit is fantastic. The design and styling is classy, and is a nice change of pace from the logo heavy race kit we are all used to seeing. It’s produced ethically and responsibly, it’s made from high quality materials, shows fantastic craftsmanship, is available in a size range to fit most anybody, performs amazingly well, and is very comfortable. In fact, it’s so comfortable, it’s like riding in my pajamas. And if all that wasn’t enough, you get to pick out the colors. With all that in mind, the cost of these products is very reasonable, and quite competitive. When it comes time to purchase more clothing, ELEVEN vélo’s gear will be at the top of my list, and should be on your’s too."


I got my order of the Ride Pouch and [Team] jersey from you this afternoon. My initial reaction was complete awe! The quality radiates. I can't wait to give them a run on tomorrow's ride.

Andrew S, USA

The material of the jersey is light, feels great and is very comfortable....

I am completely satisfied with the kit.

Keep up the good work!

Drew, CA, USA

I received my new jersey, and wore it for a ride this morning. I'd have to say that it's my new favorite, so thank you! A park ranger even pulled his truck over to ask where I got it.

Dylan W, USA (via Facebook)


Apologies for not jumping back into this email to let you know that I did in fact get this really really nice jersey from you!

I really like how light weight the wool is. This will work very well here when the weather finally gets warm enough.

Terry G, USA

...Thanks for the beautiful wool jerseys. They arrived on Monday and are almost too nice to wear! Thank you!

Lyn G, Australia


The Team Jersey FAQ

How does the Team Jersey fit? The Team Jersey has a close fit with a little room to spare. It's important you measure yourself though to ensure you get the correct fit, as the chest panel makes the front fit a little firmer due to the stitching.

Can I have it longer or shorter? Yes. We offer a bespoke fit for the Team Jersey where can make the body and/or sleeves longer or shorter.

What if I want panels a different colour than what you offer? We can offer other colours on request for an up-charge if you want to order several pairs.

Can I have a bespoke fit? Generally, yes. We can work with you to get the right size through our bespoke system.

You don't offer my size? We offer a pretty large spread of sizes to allow for almost all sizes.. If we do not have yours listed, contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Do you do a sleeveless version? No.

What if I want panels a different colour than what you offer? We can do 'specials' for a up-charge.

Does this jersey have pockets? Yes, the Team Jersey has a traditional three pockets in the back.

Can you print on this jersey? Yes. We offer printing for team runs as well as for those that don't mind paying for a single print.

What colour zips do you use? We use a single colour zip, unique to ELEVEN vélo that features an 'ELEVEN vélo Blue' zipper coil and red/black zipper tape. Who said zippers should be boring?

Can I see larger colours? Sure can....




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